Research Seminar: 24 April – Dr Annika Bautz on Walter Scott, Celebrity, and Stage Adaptation

Dr Annika Bautz, Plymouth University, will be speaking on ‘The “universal favourite”: Daniel Terry’s Guy Mannering; or, The Gipsey’s Prophecy (1816)’, Tuesday, 24 April 2018 14.00 – 15.30, Room MC232. All are welcome.

This paper explores the contemporary reception of the first adaptation of a Walter Scott novel for the stage, Daniel Terry’s Guy Mannering, or, The Gipsey’s Prophecy (1816). Many more people, from a much wider socio-economic background, would have seen Terry’s version between 1816 and 1724 than would have had access to the novel. Reviews of the play indicate that its popularity was enhanced by Scott’s extraordinary fame and status, and indeed, was judged by its closeness to the novel. Terry’s play paved the way for a rush of stage adaptations of Scott novels, and presents one of the many spin-offs that Scott’s works inspired and enabled. The play, in turn, contributed to shaping the reception of the more popular novelist of the early nineteenth century.

About the speaker:
Dr Annika Bautz is Head of the School of Humanities and Performing Arts at Plymouth University, where she specializes in Romantic and Victorian fiction, book history, and reception studies. Her books include Libraries, Books, and Collectors of Texts, 1600-1900 (2017) and The Reception of Jane Austen and Walter Scott (2007).  She is currently working on adaptations and after-lives of Walter Scott’s works.

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