Members of the CTTR are drawn drawn principally from the School of Humanities within the Faculty of Arts, University of Wolverhampton, but include affiliates from other Faculties and Honorary Research Fellows from beyond the institution. Below is a list of the current membership and their research specialisms:

Dr Nicola Allen, BA, MA, PhD (UCE). Twentieth-century writing, in particular the work of Patti Smith, Jim Crace, Leonora Carrington, and Tove Jansson.

Dr Eleanor Andrews, BA (Leeds), MA, PhD (Reading). Social, political, and cultural aspects of narrated space in Film; the work of Nanni Moretti.

Dr Daisy Black, BA (Cambridge), MA, PhD (Manchester). Medieval religious drama, in particular time and gender; performance and adaptation of medieval plays for modern audiences.

Professor Jan Borm. HRF: University of Versailles, St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France.

Josiane Boutonnet, BA (Wolverhampton), MA (Birmingham). Humour and language; gender and language; bilingualism.

Dr Aidan Byrne, BA, MA (Wales), PhD (Wolverhampton). 1930s literature and culture; Welsh literature; literary masculinities; cultural studies and theory.

Dr Gerry Carlin, BA (Leicester), MA, PhD (Warwick). Modernism and the Avant-Garde; literature and culture of the 1960s.

Dr Benjamin Colbert, BA (Tulane), MPhil (Oxon), PhD (UCLA). Nineteenth-century travel writing; Romanticism; the Shelley Circle; Romantic-period satire; bibliography.

Dr Crispin Dale, BA (UCL), MA (Lancaster), PhD (Wolverhampton), SFHEA. Development of cultural heritage sites (e.g. religious sites, historical attractions, music halls); dark tourism.

Professor Martin Dangerfield.  European integration; EU enlargement; EU-Russia relations; European Neighbourhood Policy; Central European affairs.

Professor Meena Dhanda, BA, MA (Panjab), DPhil (Oxon). Idenity and ethics; radical socio-political philosophy; feminist theory; Punjab Dalits, inter-caste  relations; caste in Britain; critical philosophy of race.

Dr Thomas Dickins, BA, MA (Leeds), PhD (Wolverhampton). Slavonic applied linguistics: in particular, Czech lexicology, language variation and change, linguistic purism and loanwords, and language and political discourse.

Dr Aleksandra Galasinska, BA, MA (Krakow), PhD. Discourse and narrative analysis; language and identity; post-communist transformation; post-enlargement migration.

Dr Stephen E. Gregg, BA, PhD (Wales). Religion in contemporary society; lived religion/vernacular religion; new religious movements; religion, comedy, and performance; method and theory in the study of religion.

Professor Niall Griffiths, BA (Cambridge College of Arts and Technology). Visions of the Virgin Mary and related phenomena; the Celtic diaspora, with a focus on Wales; marginalised voices.

Professor Sebastian Groes, MA (VU University, Amsterdam), MA (East Anglia), PhD (East Anglia). Twentieth and twenty-first century Literature, Culture and Theory, with a particular emphasis on Modernist and contemporary writing; Digital Humanities; the intersections between science and the arts and humanities.

Dr Glyn Hambrook, BA, PhD (Nottingham). Comparative European literature, theory and methodologies; European fin de siècle (1880-1910); reception of French literature in fin de siècle Spain.

Judith Hamilton, MSc (Edinburgh). TESOL, EFL, and applied linguistics.

Dr Anna Horolets. HRF: University of Gdansk, Poland.

Dr Mark Jones, BA (Birmingham Polytechnic), MA, PhD (Sussex). 20th- and 21st-century fiction; genre fiction; popular culture.

Professor Dámaso López Garcia. HRF: Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain.

Professor Ludmilla Kostova, MA (Sofia), PhD (Veliko Turnovo/Sofia). HRF: University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. Eighteenth-century literature and travel writing; Romanticism; Victorian travel writing; gender studies; cultural studies.

Dr Paul McDonald, BA (CNN), PhD (UCE). Creative writing, humour, modern American literature, and regional literature.

Dr Rosie Miles, BA (Birmingham), MA (Nottingham), PhD (Birkbeck), MA (Manchester Metropolitan). Victorian poetry; William Morris; the fin de siècle; Neo-Victorianism; E-Learning and pedagogy in English studies.

Candi Miller, BA (Rhodes), MA (Manchester). San culture; folktales; indigenous knowledge transfer; ficto-criticism.

Dr Irina Moore, BA (Vilnius), PhD (Moscow State Regional). Linguistic landscape and language policies and identities; semiotic landscape and superdiversity; translation.

Dr Deborah Orpin, BA, MA, PhD (Birmingham). Corpus-assisted discourse analysis.

Jackie Pieterick, BA (Northern State), MA, MPhil (Southern Illinois). Culinary crime fictions; transmedia tourism & travel; ficto-criticism; creative writing pedagogy; short stories.

Dr Stefano Pippa. MA (Pisa), PhD (Kingston). Modern and Contemporary European Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Marxism and Post-Marxism, Post-War French Philosophy

Dr Agnieszka Radziwinowiczówna. BA, MA, PhD (Warsaw). Migration studies, immigration and deportation regimes, care and transnational families, Mexico-US migration, EU citizens in contemporary UK, qualitative research methods.

Gabriela Steinke, MA (Bielefeld). Children’s Literature; Diana Wynne Jones; myth in literature; science fiction and fantasy.

Dr Opinderjit Kaur Takhar, BA (Wales), MA (Cardiff), PhD (Wales). Sikh studies and South Asian studies: sects, equality, caste identity, gender issues.

Marion West, BA (Nottingham), MSc (Aston). Conversation analysis in higher education.

Dr Frank Wilson, BA (Hofstra), PhD (York). Eighteenth-century literature, including travel writing; Defoe; Milton.

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