Research Seminars, 2018/19

(Please visit again for updates on the 2018-19 Research Seminar programme.)

Past Speakers:


Dr Annika Bautz (Plymouth University), ‘The “universal favourite”: Daniel Terry’s Guy Mannering; or, The Gipsey’s Prophecy (1816)’

Professor Peter Childs (Newman), Professor Sebastian Groes (Wolverhampton), and Dr Kay Mitchell (Manchester), Series Editors of the Bloomsbury Academic Series Contemporary Critical Perspectives

Professor John Strachan (Bath Spa University), ‘Wordsworth among the Fascists’


Dr Yarmila Daskalova (University of Sts Cyril and Methodius, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria), ‘New Dimensions in Conceptualizing Beauty and the Principle of Originality in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire’


Professor Svetlana Atanassova (University of Veliko-Turnovo, Bulgaria), Linguistics Re-search Seminar

Professor Ian Haywood (Roehampton University), ‘Pandemonium: Radical Soundscapes and Satirical Prints in the Romantic Period’

Kathryn Maude, Sita Balani (UCL/Cardiff), ‘Narratives of Anglo-Saxonism in Migration Debates’

Dr Jim O’Driscoll (University of Huddersfield), ‘Taboo speech and causing offence: why they need to be kept separate’


Professor Ludmilla Kostova (University of Veliko-Turnovo),  Imagining the Fascinating Foreigner: Jane Porter’s Thaddeus of Warsaw (1803) and Thomas Hope’s Anastasius, or Memoirs of a Greek (1819)

Professor Scott McCracken (University of Keele), ‘The Perfect Imbecility of the Stream’: Dorothy Richardson and Stream of Consciousness

Dr Natalia Krzyżanowska (Örebro University, Sweden), Dis/Placing Women in the Public Sphere: Rethinking Citizenship, Critical Art and Motherhood in Light of the Social Theory of Hannah Arendt

Professor John Hughes (University of Gloucestershire), ‘The Only Blonde in the World’: Pauline Boty and Dylan’s First London Visit

Dr Anthony Mandal (Cardiff University), Jekyll 2.0:Embodying Gothic Fiction as Pervasive Media: Literature, Digital Cultures and Posthumanism


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