Ishiguro Weekend 31 January – 2 February


An international festival celebrating the work of Kazuo Ishiguro
Keynote: CYNTHIA WONG (University of Colorado, Denver, USA)

Saturday 1 February 2020
10am – 6pm Chancellor’s Hall

University of Wolverhampton
Wulfruna Street

Kazuo Ishiguro remains one of the finest writers of our times, yet, as the twenty-first  century world is changing, how do we see these new, turbulent times reflected in his body of work? The early twentieth-century presents us with a host of pressing contexts and
challenges, from concerns about climate change and technological innovation to diversity issues and shifts in geopolitical power. To what extent does Ishiguro’s writing anticipate and comment on the early twenty-first century Zeitgeist? Surely, The Remains of the Day anticipates Brexit, Never Let Me Go argues against posthumanism, whilst The Buried Giant comments on our distracted, amnesic times.

You can also join our other, free Ishiguro events that are part of the Wolverhampton Literature Festival.

On Friday 31 January, Japanese critics will give their culturally specific perspective on Ishiguro in the Wolverhampton Art Gallery (5.15-6.15pm).

On Sunday 2 February, Professor Sebastian Groes and three PhD students will stage a Masterclass on Never Let Me Go in the Wolverhampton Art Gallery (12-1.30pm).

For more information, see http:/ or contact Prof. Groes:

Please join us for this exciting conference. Book your tickets here.

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