Public Lecture: 2 February 2016, Thomas Docherty on the ‘Managed University’

Professor Thomas Docherty (Warwick University) will be delivering a CTTR-sponsored public lecture entitled: ‘On critical responsibility and criminal irresponsibility: the managed university’, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., on 2nd February. The lecture will take place in Room MK045 on the City Campus of the University of Wolverhampton; it is free, and open to the public.


Docherty3The argument will explore how ethical questions concerning responsibility in our time have been systematically emptied of moral qualities and political significance. Responsibility, in effect, has been shrunk to mere ‘accountancy’ or ‘giving an account’ of ourselves. There are historical political precedents for this, deriving essentially from the period just after the Second World War; and I explore the consequences of a situation in which there are structural similarities between the camps and some contemporary institutional practices and norms. This allows for an attempt to effect a return of responsibility in our critical practices, but one that is only possible if we succeed in changing the managerial  norms of modern and contemporary institutions, especially the university.

About the Speaker:

Docherty2Thomas Docherty has published on most areas of English and comparative literature from the Renaissance to the present day. He specialises in the philosophy of literary criticism, in critical theory, and in cultural history in relation primarily to European philosophy and literatures. Recent work has included matters of cultural policy related to international higher education.

CTTR Research Seminars and Public Lectures 2015-2016 (Programme)



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