‘Literatures in Transit’ – CTTR / CEHUM Collaboration

CTTR Co-director Glyn Hambrook has recently returned from a short visit to Portugal (26-28 October), where he was invited to deliver a paper in the ‘Literatures in Transit’ seminar series of the INTCULTPOET (Intercultural Poetics) Research Group of CEHUM (Centre of Humanistic Studies) at the Universidade do Minho.

Pompeyo Gener, Literaturas malsanas  [Diseased Literatures] (1894)

Pompeyo Gener, Literaturas malsanas [Diseased Literatures] (1894)

The paper,  ‘The Pathology of Foreignness: Fin de Siecle Theorizations of the Foreign Transferred to the Literary Domain’, considered an example of one pseudo-scientific articulation of fin de siècle racial taxonomy and its relation to ‘foreignness’ – Pompeyo Gener’s Literaturas malsanas  [Diseased Literatures] (1894) – before proceeding to explore transposition of this template to literary representations of the three major ‘European’ racial groups: Nordic (including Anglo-Saxon), Latin and Slavic. In so doing, the paper drew principally on M. P. Shiel’s Contraband of War (1899) but also made reference to Bram Stoker’s The Lady of the Shroud (1909) and Pio Baroja’s La ciudad de la niebla [City of Fog] (1911).

The transnational focus of INTCULTPOET’s research makes further collaboration with CTTR a real possibility. In the course of the visit, a first step in this direction was taken in agreement to explore the establishment of an ERASMUS+ agreement between the Universities of O Minho and Wolverhampton to facilitate reciprocal contact.

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